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Massage and Me Series: Running Considerations

Written by: Gary Brum, RMT

     As we continue with summer, so too will the runners be looking for a return to exercising outside.  Proper considerations must be made for the new running season.  Here are some questions and thoughts for our neighborhood runners.

1 - Are you currently jogging/running pain free?

From the humble blister to the humbling sprained ankle, sports injuries can be stressful and distract from your fitness goals.  Maintaining your body when the going gets tough, and accepting that your body needs time to heal should be the highest priority when looking to return to your sport as soon as possible from an injury;  Massage therapy can loosen tight muscles, help you reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S) from your spring marathoning, and help to catch improper gaits before they become bad habits, which could lead to injury.

2 - Are you using the right equipment?

Feet take a pounding during every run.  They transfer the force of our legs to propel us forward, spread and roll to accommodate ground reactive forces, and are the foundation for most activities.  Ensuring feet are properly supported and cushioned is a task best left to two of our neighborhoods best running shoe stores: New Balance Toronto and The Running Room.  There, feet of all shapes and sizes can get expert advice on how to get the most enjoyable and pain free running experience.

3 - How old are your shoes?

Shock abatement is constantly changing with new foams, elastomers, and springs being designed every year for running footwear.  That begs the question; will last year's shoes still work for you?  These three areas will let you know if they need to go!

A) Out-sole:  Is the rubber on the bottom of your shoe intact, or has the mid-sole started to show through?  Is there excessive wear on one side of your out-sole?

B) Midsole:  Wrinkles mean character, right?  Maybe for David Attenborough or Steven Tyler!  Wrinkles in your mid-sole, especially deep and numerous ones, can be an indication that the cushioning in your shoes is on its last legs.  Here are some symptoms to look out for that may indicate a need for greater shock abatement:

i) New joint soreness, especially in the feet, knees and hips.

ii) Frequent Blisters formed under areas of harsh impact.

iii) New heel soreness.  The fat pad under your heel bone is your last line of defense for shock traveling up through your body.  Left unchecked with inadequate cushioning over a period of time, fat pad sequestration and calcaneal contusions (bruised heel) can become a painful fixture in your life.

C) Upper:  A shoes tongue is there to ensure your instep doesn't have too much pressure from the laces.  If your shoe's tongue is wagging at you, or if the sides of your shoe are spilling over the midsole, then the upper of your shoe may no longer be up to the task of supporting your upper foot.  Improper fit can contribute to corns, blisters, black toenails, and in more serious presentations, tingling and numbness.

As you can see, there are many health and footwear considerations when it comes to running.  Please book an appointment with the team at Chiropractic and Massage in the Village to help keep you running in great form all year long.

We look forward to hearing from you!

From the Doctors and Therapists at Chiropractic and Massage in the Village,

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