Gary Brum, RMT

After seeing how massage could benefit ailing family members from an early age, Gary decided to learn about the human body and pain management.  From helping break-dancers stretch and ice achy bodies in high school, to analyzing the gait of runners while managing a shoe store, the human body has never ceased to amaze him.

Educated at Sutherland-Chan School for Massage Therapy, Gary was voted class valedictorian due to his patient, calm and helpful demeanor.  Gary chose specific learning clinics to work with athletes utilizing Sports Massage, populations affected by Multiple Sclerosis, elderly patients living in private/assisted living facilities and those living with Auto-Immune diseases.  Choosing these learning clinics gave Gary the ability to work with a wide range of people, from young to old, active sports participants to those active in their wheelchair, and to those that suffer undue treatment because of their diagnosis.

Preferred massage techniques include Fascial engagement, where techniques designed to challenge the fascial connective tissue are used to facilitate better movement with less restrictions.  Lymph drainage to facilitate proper fluid movement and lymph health with gentle movements.  Joint mobilizations, which promote joint health and in certain cases foster proper range of motion.  Lastly, deep tissue massage is used to target deep, stubborn pains while allowing you to relax.

Massage to Gary is a means of connecting with the body while feeling good.  Warm, strong and careful hands await your aches and pains.

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